दसैं त आउन लाग्यो नि हो गाठे, यसो तुम्बा सुम्बा को बेबस्ता गरेको छ कि छैन ………….



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  1. Lets have comments on the design and contents of this blog…

  2. Surya Ji,

    Could you upload nepali calander and english calander with week number.



  3. Chudamani Ji,


    yes…for the time being this is the link of NEPALI calender. If there are nepali calender widgets available for the blogs..I am looking for that.

    Just mouseover or click to go that site.

    Thank you

  4. Forwarded Email from ICOT – The International Dinner 2007 at Studenterhytta on 18th of October

    Hey everybody!

    The International Office, ESN, ICOT and ISU proudly invite you all to an amazing event: The International Dinner 2007 at Studenterhytta on 18th of October!
    You will get some delicious dinner and an enjoyable Studenterhytta-evening. The menu for the evening will be a mouth-watering beef dish with baked potatoes, roast champions, au gratin tomatoes, broccoli, peppersauce and salad. For the vegetarians among you we serve some very tasty “Vegetarlasagne” with bread and fresh salad.

    Are you getting hungry now? Here are the important facts:
    – One ticket costs 100 NOK including the dinner, one free drink and transportation.
    – The bus will leave from Steinan at 18:00, stops in Moholt at 18:15 and in Berg around 18:30.
    – The dinner starts at 8pm.
    – ISU will sell tickets on Wednesday 10th of October at 7pm in the basement HK 24 (Moholt) before the mexican movie.
    – To be sure to get a place, we recommend you to register on our website: http://org.ntnu.no/isu/activities/
    – IF there are some places left you will get the chance to buy them on Friday 12th of October at 4pm in the basement.
    – After the dinner we will have plenty of activities and the bar will be open until 2am.
    – There is bus transportation back home.

    If you have any questions, come to the basement tomorrow at 7pm.

    We hope to see you there!

    Christoph and Tarja, ISU

  5. Dear members

    Coming Saturday we are having Annual General Meeting – 2007 in ICOT basement. There we choose our new executives board members representing different countries from all around the world. We request all our international societies and individual to select one representative from their country. The new executive committee consist of 9 members, each representing different countries. Two persons from same country can not be in the executive committee. We just form the new committee on Saturday and its up to new committee itself to decide how to distribute vital post among them. More information will be given on the same day.

    Date: 13.10.2007
    Time: 1800 hrs sharp
    Venue: Basement MA 16

    Annual ICOT activities report and annual financial report will be presented during the program followed by foods and drinks. We will start with great Pizza party. It’s wise to be there sharp 1800 hrs before pizza get cold. Later in the evening we are having music and dance. We sell beers in cheap rate.

    Hope to see you all there.

    Mail from ICOT

  6. aba ta tihar aaudai cha dashain ta sakyo bai!!!! but i enjoyed a lot yesterdays party…jhakkas thiyo…..nacyo khub majjale…yaha norway maa aaye pachi ta nachne manche ni lets groove bhancha kya!!!!
    ani tihar ko party huncha ki hunna…..ani bhayo bhani kaile!!! i am so pumped until then YAY!!! 🙂

  7. Dear friends,
    Its wonderful web page that you have created. Thanks to those all who have spent their valuable time for creation and updating it. When i was searching about Dashain at Norway, i found this web page.

    Keep on updating.

    Best of luck.

    Kamal Prasad Acharya
    Fantoft Studentboligene 14
    5075, Bergen

  8. Kamal Ji,

    Thanks. We can share our ideas and experiences through this BLOG. Keep in touch.

  9. Surya Ji,

    I have tried to upload some glimpses of formal and informal Dashain program through flickr but couldn’t happen so. I have sent my flickr link to you too. Could you help to upload those pictures on our NeST Blog.


  10. Hello Chudamani Ji,

    I write down the steps below. It is very easy to upload pictures in Flickr.

    1. Download and Install the following software(XP based) http://downloads.flickr.com/flickr/uploadr_2.5.0.15_en.exe
    2. Then you can just drag and drop the photos you want to upload using that software.
    3. Login whenever required using Username = nest_group and Password = secretshare@1

    4. When you use first time that software you ask you to verify from the website, if so you can verify just by a single click in the poped up browser-window.

    Good Luck

  11. Hi
    Executive committee member ma Jiwan Gwali ra Nurapati Panta ulto palto parya ho kee…plz check it out…….!!!!!!!!?????.

    Ani Surya ji, Thanks.

    I have already followed the procedures and uploaded the pictures on flicker. I will check pop up and will try this evening again.


  12. hello everybody,
    I need some english and nepali dance numbers for making Tihar gathering DYNAMIC. If you have such, please fell free to contribute. You can also send Hindi as well if they are rocking. I am ready to compile your interest too. welcome!


  13. Comments by Bimal

    Kiran Jee,
    Following would be the message to be forwarded to our members.. as per my opinion.

    Dear All,

    There is a growing concern about our Deusi Program.
    Some of the potential family members have laid their
    fear from possible disturbance to their flat mates
    while playing madal for more than half an hour. To
    remove these fear, we propose this Deusi without madal
    just team will come to the apartment and sing
    deusi-Vailo songs with low voices. Is that ok ?
    For the next concern about pizza party, we prefer to
    Deusi first and cheap beers will come in the next
    priority. Anyway, Deusi-Vailo program was announced
    earlier than pizza and requested to arrange time in
    both who intend to participate. Because it is a
    concern for family members who will be hosting
    Deusi-Vailo program. Otherwise organizers must think
    about to modify the Deusi-Vailo program.

  14. Some Commennts on comments!!

    1.First, we have no intention to overlap between the ICOT and NEST program.
    2.We have received the ICOT information next day after we deliver our program.
    3.Since, we Nepalese students are in about 30% of the members of ICOT; they treated us like we have no value. Never think not only our candidate loose the post but we have to give them dashing to what is the value and contribution of Nepalese students in ICOT?? We all have some preliminary discussion about it in the meeting for ICOT general assembly and later in informal discussions. This is not the formal decision of NEST and NEST can not do so but personally if you agree with me ; I want to propose- Let us utilise this time for that purpose, though we have no pre-plan for that. This is the nice time to show our importance to ICOT executive body as well. Anyway you can participate to ICOT as well.
    4.We can have the PIZZA party next time but not the Deusi Bhailo as we have already plan for that.
    5.The family members should not bother with the dealing Deusi Bhailo team. It is suggested not to do anymore- we know the difficulties. We are also aware of the disturbance to others.
    6.Since, this is just a start of Deusi Bhailo in Trondheim, let us cope with the coming problems so that we can learn more ………
    7.It is not wise to stop the programme at the first step as we want more and more Nepalese events here


  15. Dear Kiran jee and Bimal Jee.

    I agree with view in Icot and let us celebrate Deusi Vailo programme.

    Its time to answer ICOT and let us answer resolutely to maintain our value and dignity.

    Yes, Bhailo Programme with madal, but short period as symbolic will be ok. Rest voice itself works.

    Kumar Bajracharya

  16. Hello,

    I agree with Kiran,Bimal and Suryaji. Though I checked ICOT mail first
    and signed up already for the PIZZA party..I will cancel the
    registration for ICOT party and will be happy to Celeberate our
    proposed Deusi-Vailo Program. If you all agree with Kiran’s
    suggestion, don’t be late to put your views and cancel the ICOT free
    Pizza this time and begin the new Deusi-Vailo program at door to door
    in Trondheim. I hope, it should not be the problem for other
    neighbours of family apartment once we informed them earlier.

    Happy Deepawali 2064 !

    Hope to hear from NeST EC about the conformation of Deusi-Vailo


  17. hey just wanted some humour arnd here………:-)

    it aint exactly a joke but really fun facts abt u know u r nepali when……………. take a look at it and see where u fit in ❤

    You know you are a nepali when…

    1. You love momo and would do anything for it. (oh i want some of that right nowwwww)
    2. You know “Ganjha is really cheap in Nepal.
    3. You can and/or probably have already smoked with Babas during Religious Events, ShivaRatri. (this might not be true for everyone though)
    4. You know the value of $1 =70Rs++
    5. You know the real name of Mt.Everest.- Sagarmatha
    6. You welcome tourists and their money.
    7. Sherpas are from Nepal and not from China.
    8. You are jobless or in search of opportunity.
    9. You stay with your parents until you get married if you are in a foreign country and you stay with your parents your whole life if you are in Nepal.
    10. You would rather support China over India.
    11. You prefer rice at least 2 times a day.
    12. For some reason your religious days and cultural days seem to take equal amount of time during the year.
    13. You watch a lot of Indian movies.
    14. You hate it when someone calls you Indian.
    15. You eat everything with your hand. ( I even take it as far as to eat spaghetti with hand)
    16. Your parents most likely choose who you get married to.
    17. Most likely you meet the person you date on myspace, hi5 or some other online website. (i dont think this is true)
    18. You know that nepals national food is gundruk and dhedo yet you havent tried it yourself.
    19. When your relatives come to visit they stay in your house no matter how many of them gotta sleep in a single room. (hehe this one’s funny)
    20. You still think about who is a bahun and who is a newar, who is a bhote and who is a pode. (so true for some of us)
    21. If you’re a nepali college attender, you either study science or engineering. (hehehehhehehehe)
    22. When something goes wrong you go “cmmmmmmaaa” dinai bigryo dinai bigryo. (lol)
    23. You can go to any hispanic parade and pass as one of them.
    24. You serve more gods than all the gods combined of other religions.
    25. You know you are nepali when you refer to the king as Gyanu uncle. (i thought this was funny..and the one after this..)
    26. You know you are a nepali when you translate rap songs into nepali as a pass time hobby. example “mero hapsis nachdain, khali pant mathi sarchan. ani dhunga tadha, dhunga tadha.27. You know you are nepali if your plate has more goat meat than rice.(Khasi ko masu is the sh*t)
    28. **********************************************
    29. You know you are a nepali if you left other valuables in nepal just so you can bring a khukuri.
    30. If you call the New Jersy turn pike the tunkey pie then you are nepali. (hehe)
    31. You know you are a nepali if you have ever wondered ” why is american football called football they dont even touch it with their feet.”
    32. You know you are a nepali if you call 5’7″ tall. (hehehhee so true for some of us )
    33. You are a nepali if you wear dhoti to do puja but dont wanna be called one.
    34. You are a nepali if you get 100 in math and your parents still yell at you for not getting the extra credit. (hahaha)
    35. You are a nepali if you refer to your nepali cousins as pattu hajurbuas. (i dont kno what this is supposed to mean lol)
    36. You know you are a nepali if you go out with a girl and the whole community knows about it before your parents do.
    37. If your mom combs your hair on the first day of collage with tori ko tel you are a nepali. (yukkk i hate oiling my hair)
    38. You know you are a nepali if you add ing to every word like garing, bharing, kuding, luking. (LMAO)
    39. You are the only person in your class to think that Mustang is the name of a place. (this is for ppl not living in nepal i believe)
    40. You point with your lips or with your middle finger.
    41. Whenever you meet someone you ask, ” Have you had your food?” ( bhat
    42. You meet someone in a movie hall and ask, ” Have you come to watch a
    movie?” ( cinema herna ayeko?)
    43. You know the three Ds of partying. i.e- dance, drink and dangdung.
    44. You think all festivals mean relatives playing cards and getting drunk.
    45. You cannot drink without chicken chilly and momos.
    46. You think chicken chilly and momo are nepali food.
    47. You are crossing a one way street and you have to check both sides. (daya ani baya )
    48. You get annoyed when people think you are from Naples.
    49. Your relatives give you money whenever you visit them. ( even when you
    are 40)
    50. When you see a pair of slippers upside down ( ulto chappal) you have to
    turn it around.
    51. You dont cut your nails at night.
    52. You feel you havent eaten if you havent had Bhat ( rice).
    53. You laugh at everything on Nepali TV but you still watch it.
    54. You dont know that the buff you have been eating is actually short for
    55. You have been dragged to a mandir on saraswati puja so that you will get
    good grades.
    56. You are not allowed to hum or sing while eating.
    57. Your grandmum doesnt let you whistle at night.
    58. You cant date someone if you are not in love.
    59. You have a problem following rules and standing in line.
    60. You call anyone rajesh hamal if he has a long back-hair.
    61. You miss those mountains you used to see the moment you opened your eyes in the morning.
    62. You think of titaura and your saliva glands go wild !! (i kno its true for me)
    63. You are good at drunk driving, especially on motorcycles…
    64. You call an older person you’ve never met before “uncle”. (lollll)
    65. You hide everything from your parents.
    66. Your mother does everything for you if you are male and unmarried. (so damn right in most of the cases)
    67. You use chilli sauce instead of tomato ketchup.
    68. You fight over who pays the dinner bill.
    69. You teach Westerners swearwords in your language. (hehehehehe)
    70. You’re walking out of customs with your trolley at the airport and you see all twenty-five members of your family who have come to pick
    you up.
    71. You get very upset when airlines refuse to accept your luggage which is just 80 lbs overweight.
    72. If you are a female, your parents would freak out if you wore a crop top baring your midriff but wearing a sari with baring blouse is perfectly acceptable
    73. You are ALWAYS taking off and putting on your shoes wherever you go.
    74. No one ever seems to call ahead of time to say they are coming over for a visit.
    75. Your parents worry what other people will think if you’re not going to be doctor/lawyer/engineer. (not quite true, might be true for some of us though)
    76. You know ur nepali when u find yourself forcing someone to have second and third helpings of bhat and if they refuse..u find yourself throwing large amounts of bhat onto their plate or garbage when they’re not looking. (it has happened to me several times)
    77. When u spell any word with a letter “Z”…u pronounce the letter ‘z’ as: Zeeee; not “Zed” however, u know ppl here wont understand wat u are saying, but still u keep saying, “zeee, zeee…zeee ke zeee…x y zeeee”; Zed wont come out of ur mouth. (so right!)


  18. Hellow Kiran Jee
    Can we arrange a trip including family for one or two days during the Christmus? It will refreshment before the starting new semester.
    Sanjay Kumar Karna

  19. You can upload the videos from the same you tube site you can see the option for greater than the normal size 100 MB in the right side of the same page. You can see I have already uploaded greater than 100 MB..

  20. Hi
    is there a single group address for all nepali living in Trondheim??

  21. Dear President

    Nepali Society in Ås

    Subject: Invitation

    Nepali Society in Ås (NEPSA) is a non-profit and non-political organization of Nepalese students at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB) and Nepalese living at Ås. It was established in 2004 at UMB (former Agricultural University of Norway, NLH), Ås municipality, Norway. The main reason behind its establishment was to improve the networking and contact among those Nepalese students and residents at Ås, Norway. NEPSA values diverse cultures and religions as well.

    The NEPSA is going to organize a cultural program (nepali Cultural Nite) at Ås in August 16, 2008. The program consists of power point show, Nepali musical dances, and documentary. The program will introduce Nepal, its culture, and its natural beauty through scenic and panoramic photographs. Also it describes different dances that are visible in different parts of the country. The dances we performed will describe the culture, religions and diverse ethnic community of the country. Also few folk music are also played.

    The main objective of the Nite is to introduce Nepal in the international community and to demonstrate our musical dances with the people living around Ås. The program is belief to be entertains international as well as Nepali students of UMB and nearby populace. The program will also bring other student societies at closer so that integration among different cultural and traditional diversity becomes easier.

    NEPSA hereby invite you all (all members from the society). I hope your presence in our program.

    With best regards

    Kishor Atreya

    PS: Please forward this mail to those Nepali who are living in and around Norway.

  22. thank you admin

  23. thickai cha life ho, tara. friday ra sunday chai holiday. moj garnu parcha,

  24. hi i wish to apply for the bachelor study there in norway. can anyone please tell me about the information about norway. it’s job possibilities, living cost and many other.

  25. I am from Nepal and willing to study M.Sc. Information Systems at NTNU. Currently I am working here in Nepal as a Software Developer. Could anyone please tell me how much will be the problem with the language there, what would be the average living cost……and what about part time jobs during the period of study……….


  26. Hi all

    I am about to visit Trondheim and need to find an indian grocery store in Trondheim that I may purchase spices etc for indian cuisine.

    Thanks look forward to hearing you all.


  27. Это было и со мной. Давайте обсудим этот вопрос.
    Интересно правда было?
    да, это точно…..
    Мне посоветовали сайт, с огромным количеством информации по интересующей Вас теме.
    Браво, великолепная фраза и своевременно

  28. Скачать бесплатно работу по дисциплине http://www.garnirchik.ru/category_71.html – Экономика совместных предприятий

    Российская Федерация

    Студенческий портал

  29. I have think you right)

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  31. Бесплатные фильмы смотреть онлайн! Фильмы онлайн без регистрации http://good-zona.ru/, кино без смс.

  32. You really make it appear so easy with your presentation however I in finding this topic to be really one thing that I think I’d never understand. It sort of feels too complicated and very extensive for me. I’m taking a look ahead on your next publish, I will attempt to get the hang of it!

  33. hi all,

    Iam plannning to apply for my bachelor degree in Norway (BI Norweign school of management, Oslo) has any nepali been there. hows the life style there.and what is the chances of getting visa for nepali student, i found out that, i need to deposit 90800 Nok in to the norweign bank, if i dont get the visa how much time it will take to get back my money..and is it really safe to deposit that huge money…and how much time it will take to know whether i got visa or not. and at last do i need to provide other bank balance and other property after depositing that amount of money.

    Please reply my queries if anyone knows about it.



  34. “Nepali living in Norway” tapai haroo ko facebook ma add garna nabirsanu hola !

  35. Hair growth can become impaired because of collected body toxins.
    The cosmetic effect lasts longer for about a month but the treatment is painful.
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