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Welcome to the new Students

Dear New students
Finally we got all the email address of all the new students.
Hope you all are enjoying the summer and Orientation week. However some of you may miss the home and your Family.
We  would like to welcome you all to the Neplease society at Trondheim (NeST). All together we have 28 new students this year, and this is the highest number of  Nepalese student that we ever have in NTNU. NeST family is proud to have such large number of student this year. The file that is attached with this mail contains the information about the new student but some of the headings are missing. I hope that those who doesn’t  have enough information they will write mail to or and complete their information.
I hear by like to give you some link for your easiness to get familiar with the Trondheim, Norway.

1) most popular site for searching any things like job, second hand laptops and other necessary stuffs. Moreover you can also find the detail map of Norway. This site is in Norwegian and you can translate it with google translator.
2) yellow page of Norway.
3) http://www.manpower.noThese are some of the popular site for job searching and registering your application.

4) NeST web site
5) bus schedule if you have to go some where around Trondheim.
6) weather forecast site of Norway.

We are looking forward to welcome you formally in the  NeST Welcome programIf you have any problem here in Trondheim Just contact any senior NeST member we will try to find out the solution of your problem.

Bundle of regards
Pushpa Shigdel
General Secretary NeST


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