NeST (Nepalese Society in Trondheim)

Established in 1998, the Nepalese Society in Trondheim is a registered  non-profit making voluntary organisation of the Nepalese students residing in Trondheim, Norway. The NeST is a voluntary and non-profit making organization of Nepalese students studying at NTNU and HIST. It has about 80 members, 70 students and about 10 alumni, living in Trondheim (Feb 2013).

By the constitution, members are elected in the Annual General Meeting to form the Executive Committee every year.  It has passed more than a decade uniting Nepalese students together, building a rapport with Norwegians and other international students through various kinds of programs like ‘Nepalese Cultural Evening’ and other recreational activities.

Functions and Objectives

  • To foster goodwill and friendship amongst Nepalese, Norwegians and other foreigners.
  • To provide Nepalese people with necessary informations and publications concerning their mother country.
  • To provide information to Norwegians and other foreigners regarding Nepal.
  • To participate in programmes which would serve to increase contact and communication to foster interest between the Nepalese and the Norwegian people.
  • To incorporate members residing in Trondheim in organising Nepalese and Norwegian national celebrations.
  • To safeguard the interests of the members and to provide necessary assistance to members.


The Nepalese Society in Trondheim (NeST)

Organization number.. 997622111

Herman Krags Vei 5-11


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email: nsociety@hotmail.com

web: http://org.ntnu.no/nest/


NeST Mailing List

All the new NeST Members are requested to subscribe to our mailing list just by clicking the following link.


Once, you have subscribed to the list, you can use the address nest@list.stud.ntnu.no to send message to NeST members.

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15 Responses

  1. Thanks for this site which is a bridge for two places and the personals who is contributing. I want to know all nepalese in norway as I am coming there on 1st week of april 2009 and would like to meet all nepalese so please send me e-mail

    • Dear Mr. Parajuli,
      My Name is Prem Neupane from Nepal and i am applying for working permit to come there. can you please help me and provide me some of the information of norway? Is there any possibility to get the job? What type of job we can find there? Please reply me without hesitation. I am looking forward from you.
      Prem Neupane

  2. malai norway ko lagi visit visa mildai cha now i am in dubai . ra teha aapachhi illigal,or kehi gari kam milauna sakinchha ki sakinna ra yadi iligaly rup ma basna sakne awasta chha chhaina kasaile batai dia yauta garib nepalko lagi dharma milthiyo pls ……………..just let me know by my e-mail id
    thanks &regards
    sanjay Dubai

    • Hi,
      Sanjay ji, As I know if you have any contact with your anynepalese friend then it is easy and according to ur email you dont have any friends here. I can give some phone numbers of nepalese who is residing near oslo, for few days I can help you but I am with family so long term I cant to be frank. So, illegally in norway it is very difficult to get a job but I will be bridge to you and the other nepali for few days after its upto you.
      Dinesh Parajuli 0047608903

      • Hi Dinesh ji,

        Wishing your sound health and success in your life. I am from pokhara, nepal and recently got schengen visa for 24 days. I am willing to visit norway and stay there. Is there any possibilities that I can stick there like joining studies, application for refuge or etc. It is just my query and how this Nest will be helpful for me in this regard. Please suggest.

  3. i am new and intend to live in norway.i would like to have contact with all those who is intrested to share knowage of norway and nepal.

    i thank all creaters of site and all those who keeping it on.
    communication makes everything posibble.

  4. i want to live and study in norway and please tell me whether i can sustain there.

  5. Dear Norwegian Society of Nepalese Origin,

    Im a Nepali with a German passport and a swedish wife. We want to settle in Norway but we want information about the working conditions etc. in the websites, its written very nicely but it rarely depicts the reality. So, i need help.
    We want to know about the working condition and we want to be in touch with Nepalese society there.
    I personally hold a MBA and wanna work in international firms.
    Ive worked in Siemens, Vodafone and in the home ministry of Germany.
    I would highly appreciate if i can collect some Nepalese friends in Norway and some suggestions.

    Thank you very much indeed.
    please reply me under sailubudathoki@yahoo.com
    thank you

  6. Hi fren.Its always been gud when we nepalese help nepalese.I want to proceed for PR.I am working as teacher at jhapa and my wife as medical social worker.If we get stay visa then how much possibility of getting work there?

  7. hi sir, i am seeking admission at NTNU norway . can you kindly help me regarding admission as you know the situation there better. how do i succeed in getting admission. aasutosh

  8. hello Dinesh ji,
    Wishing your sound health. I am from germany and recently got student visa for germany.I am doing garman language yet. I am willing to visit norway and stay there. Is there any possibilities that I can stick there like joining studies, application for refuge or etc. It is just my query and how this Nest will be helpful for me in this regard. Please suggest in following mail id santosh262003@yahoo.com……i will be really grateful to you.

  9. hi, i am seeking admission at NTNU in norway .i’m applying in quota scheme.Can i stay beyond my study and work there afterwards?please do reply as my February 1 deadline is coming nearer.

  10. i am going 2 complete my msc in physics from tu.i have made a plan to go abroad for further education and selected norway.what terms and conditions are required
    can we get job after applying through student visa?
    Can we in future get the citizenship of that country?
    What steps should i follow for documentation?
    I havenot done any other courses like tofel,ielts.gre.which course should i do?
    Can we get scholarship?

    Its me AMRIT SUBEDI from
    butwal rupandehi

  11. can anyone provide me an email/contact address of the Nepali student residing at Narvik.

  12. Dear respected sir or madam of this society I’ m bishwa Nath k.c.from nepal.and I just thinking about study in norway in scholarship program.please kindly suggest me about the university, some income sources,accommodation etc required to live in norway.

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