Decision of the NeST Executive Committee !!

Dear members,


The Executive committee of NeST held today (22nd September, 2008) has made the following decisions: 

1.     We would like to thank the previous committe and all the NeST members for their efforts to keep NeST live and effective throughout the year.

2.     It is known to all of you that NeST has been doing lot of events like celebrating different festivals and cultural events maintaining our cultural root in this northern part of the world. As we all know, the people of Nepal are suffering from the flood due to the Koshi river.As a citizen of Nepal, it is our duty to help those people in this adverse situation.We would like to inform you that NeST is in close contact with the Red Cross here in Trondheim. The details of fund collection regarding this matter will be given more when we establish connection with red cross in Nepal. In the mean-time,we expect some contributions from the NeST members to help the flood victim.The EC has not suggested any minimum amount for this, you can contribute whatever you like/can. For transparency, we will maintain the list of people with amount they have contributed.We will also publish the list of contributors in our web blog.* 

You can directly give your donation to our NeST Treasurer Abha or transfer your ammount to her account no. 0539-59-11009. 

3.     We are also maintaing the inventory of NeST. So in this weekend we will be preparing the list of materials the NeST have got. So we would like the concerned members to email about list of the materials they have had(from NeST)so that it becomes easy for us to maintain the inventory.

 Hope that you will help to make NeST more effective. Your comments/suggestions are always welcomed.


NeST Executive Committee.


*[N.B: The members who have already contributed to flood victim for the past executive committee has already been taken in account]


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