About NeST Welfare Fund

The NeST Welfare Fund was the one of the proposal proposed  by the past executive committee of 2007-2008 during AGM. Before jumping into any conclusions, the new committee is collecting suggestions on the proposal from NeST members.

The new committee has been discussing about the matter with our members. So the committee wants to have your constructive comments/suggestions regarding the matter.


The executive committe.


3 Responses

  1. Idea in itself is good one.

    However there might be many challenges ahead for the NeST EC. First and foremost challenge I can see is the fun raising as 2-4 thousand is not a significant amount for that fund. So, if NeST EC is ready to go for it, I am in.


    This is only an initiation to develop the NeST as institution. It does not need to worry to collect the fund right now. Every year each EC can do it and certain part membership fund and renewable membership should be transfer to that fund and slowly by slowly it will increase to a significant amount. Also, we can widen objective and condition of the use of that fund. If any institution will have fund then the instituion can work as instituion and NeST can think more on social welfares otherwise NeST will sure remain more as a party manager.

  3. ओ हो ! दशैं पो आयो,
    आगनी डिलमा भाले बास्दै छन पोथिलाई फका उ दै!कुकुरी काँ! दशैं आयो रे!
    हांशले पोथिली आंगाल्दै भन्छ काँ कँ रे ?
    बोका भन्दै छन, पाठीलाई फकाउदै जोपर्ला पर्ला रे!
    खासिले भन्दै छन फट फट कान हलाउदै पहिलै नियोज़नमा पर्यो रे !
    त्यसैले होला रांगले किलोमा शिंग हल्लाउदै पाडिलाई आँखा जुधाउदै मद्होस भयो रे !
    सुंगुरले भुनी डुलाउदै आवस आवस रे !
    जे होस मुटु दरो छ यी निर्दोस जनावरको!
    जलाद मालिक दिनगँदै धार लाउदै छ तर्बारको!
    शुभ कामाना छ सबैलाई यो नेपाली साद भाब को

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