Event and Acheivement in NeST 2007-2008

NeST 2007-2008

 Events and Programme NeST 2007-2008 has done during her Period 2007- 2008

 Celebration of Teej – 2064

  1. Vijaya Dashami & Dashain Celebration-2064
  2. Deusi Bhailo Programe in Moholt
  3. Celebration of Dipawali & Tihar Party
  4. NeST participate on ICOT Food Festival / Basket Party
  5. NeST on ICOT Chrismas Programme
  6. New Members Welcome Programme in 26-January,  2008
  7. A Discussion Programme with Maoist Leader Hisila Yami
  8. A cultural Show in Bangaladesh Cultural Evening
  9. Participation to Seminar By Nepal Support Group in Trondreim
  10. Emergency General Assembly for Cultural Programme in February, 2008
  11. Nepalese Cultual Evening  March 29, 2008-08-14
  12. Party after Cultural Programme
  13. Nepali New Year-2065 Joint Party  -A Joint Programme  & Party
  14. Celebratiopn of Successful  CA Election in Nepal & Dipawali
  15. Farewell to PhD  Megh Bdr. Biswakarma
  16. Participation on May- 17 Norwegian National Day
  17. Participation and involvement in NRN General Convention in Oslo
  18. Polse Party at May-24, 2008
  19. Celebration  with Polse Party in Declaration of Republic day, May-28, 2008
  20. Participation on Electrical and HPD Programme Function
  21. Farewell to Second Year Student 2006-2008
  22. Welcome to new student 2008-2010 in August, 2008
  23. Teej Programme-2065 in 31-Aug, 2008
  24. General Assembly-2065 in 6 Sept , 20008

Besides these the following achievement has been made in our periods: 

  1. Development of NeST Web Blog specially by the effort of Surya Bdr. Kathayat.
  2. NeST 2007- 2008 has bought kitchen utensils specially for cooking
  3. Collected and bought Dresses for Cultural Programme  from Nepal
  4. Initiation of Flood Victim Supprot Fund for Koshi Flood Victim with seed amount 1000.00 NOK
  5. Preparation of detail Constitution of NeST for Publishing in Web Site.
  6. Formation of new inclusive executive committee for NeST 2008- 2009.

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