The Election of New EC , Annual General Meeting and Teej !!!!

The Election of New EC, 

Annual General Meeting, and Teej !!!!

 Dear Members,
The current working committee (2007-2008) has passed almost one year from its formation and now it is the time to form the new committee. Also, NeST’s annual general meeting (AGM) has to be called for the general discussion and to form a new committee. In this context, the current executive committee meeting held today has made the following descision.
1. Formation of the election committee to excercise the necessary actions to form new executive committee:
The following election committee has been formed. (Please be informed all the committee members) 
                Hari Shankar Shrestha- Co-ordinator
                Hari Neupane- Member
                Umesh Thapa- Member
This committee shall conduct all the necessary preparation and election process either by general consensus or election and it will function until the new EC will have been formed.
2. We will conduct Annual General Assembly and  Teej Programme in one of the day either in day before actual Teej Day(1-Sept), or in Saturday (30 Aug)  or in Sunday (31- Aug). The programme day will be notified later with coordination to ICOT since ICOT  is planning their Welcome programme either in 30-Aug or 31-Aug.
3. There has been a general agreement to form a inclusive executive committee all representing from first year, second year, PhD, Outside professionals and Bhaujus all together not more than 7 EC members.
4. Also please make a look to the draft constitution to replace old one and NeST welfare fund and its guidelines for operation and suggest your openion that will be incorporated during AGM (It will be published in our webpage later).
5. NeST present EC would like to invite all the NeST general members to present and active participation in annual general meeting.  
We hope your kind cooperation and suggetion.
With regards.
Kiran Kumar Shrestha
NeST President
On the behalf of NeST


1. Constitution of NeST

2. NeST Welfare Fund (NWF) with 4000.00 NOK seed money.

3. Flood Victim Support by NeST 1000.00 NOK.


The Constitution of Nepalese Society in Trondheim (NeST)


 1.1  Title of Organisation

 The title of the organisation shall be the Nepalese Society in Trondheim, hereafter addressed by society. The short form of Nepalese Society in Trondheim shall be NeST.

 1.2  Address:


Web address:

Official address: ….

 The society shall have its own sealed rubber stamp and letter heads.

 1.3 Mode of Operation

 This is a non-profit making, non-religious and politically neutral association. It shall remain free from any political affiliation with or influence from any political ideology and shall also guard against any prejudicial treatment against anyone based on his or her racial, ethnic and academic background. Maintaining the unity and harmony among Nepalese, the society works towards attaining its objectives all times.

 1.3 Objectives

 The main objective of the organisation shall be to promote the interest of the people of Nepalese origin residing in Trondheim and to promote friendship between Nepal and Norway and other international communities.

  1. to promote goodwill and co-operation amongst Nepalese people residing in Trondheim permanently as well as temporarily.
  2. to preserve and promote Nepalese culture and tradition.
  3. to promote friendship with Norwegian, Nepalese and other international community groups;
  4. to pursue mutual co-operation and support amongst Nepalese in the time of need and hardship;
  5. to assist in strengthening academic, social, economical and cultural ties between Nepal and Norway;
  6. to create a  forum to discuss contemporary social issues facing Nepalese community living either in Norway or in Nepal; and
  7. to undertake any activities to promote the above objectives as determined by the society from time to time.

1.4 Activities

 To fulfil the objectives of the organisation the NeST shall carry out various activities on:

  1. To arrange social gathering.
  2. To observe, participate and celebrate important national days of Nepal and Norway and other international days.
  3. To arrange welcome and farewell party for the fellow and to provide co-operation and develop harmony among fellows coming to Trondheim.
  4. To arrange cultural program to
  5. To participate in Norwegian national social and cultural programs in Trondheim
  6. To coordinate to other Nepalese and other communities like NRN, NAA, NEBERS, NEPSA or others for harmonising and social welfares activities of the Nepali peoples.


 2.1 Eligibility

 The membership of the shall be open to all the people as categorized below regardless of their age, gender, race, religious and political background, residing temporarily and permanently, in Trondheim or in any part of Norway. Membership of the society shall be subject to approval of the executive committee (EC). The membership is categorized to following subsections:

 2.2 Types of Membership and fees 

General Member:     

Any adult (greater than 18 years) individuals and their family members of Nepali origin will entitled for NeST ordinary membership and that shall be categorised into:

  (I) Individual members who are non student members residing in    Trondheim and Norway with their own job and profession shall pay 125 NOK annually.

 (II) Student- members– individual for study shall pay NOK 100 NOK annually.

Associate Member:

Any foreign nationals or family members of NeST’s ordinary member other than Nepali origin can be granted as NeST associated members with paying members shall pay 100 NOK annually.

Honorary member:

Honorary membership may be awarded to any national who has been or, is working towards the interest of Nepal or Nepalese people in Norway. Membership for Honorary membership shall be exempted.

NeST EC shall have right to decide to give associate and honorary members.

2.3 Rights and Responsibilities of Members

 All members shall have the right to participate in the meetings of the society but only the general members shall have right to vote and to claim the candidacy during elections for the Executive Committee. Each general member shall have one voting right. Executive committee shall have right to nominate associate member in executive committee.

 2.5 Voting Rights

Associate and Honorary members shall enjoy all privileges of an ordinary member except the right to vote and stand an election.

 2.6 Termination of Membership

                   i.  Any member may resign from the society at any time by giving notice in writing to the general secretary. Such resignation shall take effect at the time such notice is received by the secretary unless a later date is specified in the notice when it shall take effect on that later date.

                 ii. If a member:

                            a.            is convicted of an indictable offence; or

                           b.            fails to comply with any of the provisions of society’s commitments  or

                            c.            Conducts himself or herself in a manner considered to be injurious or prejudicial to the character or interests against of the society as declared by the constitution

Executive committee (EC) shall have right to terminate the membership in above stated ground.


 The Executive Committee (EC) of the society shall be executive body for execution activities to fulfilling the policies and safeguarding the society’s interest. The EC shall be elected by and at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), preferably during MAJOR GATHERING. The executive members shall consist of President, General Secretary, Treasurer, and 2 to 4 executive members (according to need). EC may elect or nominate certain individuals from the NeST members as advisors and special task subcommittees. Also EC have right to select additional 1 to 2 members in the EC.  The EC shall be inclusive to all members groups from groups of individual members, student members, family members.

 3.1 The rights and duties of the Executive committee:

i.        To follow the decision of the general assembly.

ii.      To propose the plan and policies to AGM/EGM and get approval from AGM/EGM.

iii.    To conduct and regulate the NeST Welfare Fund (NWF) as set and approved guideline by the AGM.

iv.    To execute the plan and policies to fulfil the objectives of the societies.

3.2  The rights and duties of the Executive committee members:

  1. President:
    1. shall be the official representative of the society.
    2. shall direct for preparation of meeting agenda  and preside over all meetings of the society, and executive committee and exercise general leadership and supervision over the affairs of the NeST.
    3. shall delegate power to general secretary or other executive members as per necessity.
    4. shall accept resignation of members.
    5. shall call emergency meetings whenever necessary.
    6. shall cast a vote in case of a tie.
    7. shall coordinate to other Nepalese and other communities like NRN, NAA, NEBERS, NEPSA or others for harmonising and social welfares activities of the Nepali peoples.
    8. Shall submit the report of society to AGM.
  2. Secretary:
    1. shall be responsible for all the official communication of the society.
    2. shall be responsible for calling all meetings and preparing agenda in consultation with the president and notifying all the respective members well in advance of such meetings. All members shall be notified about the AGM/EGM in writing (through electronic media) with the agenda. Executive members shall be notified about the EC meeting in advance.
    3. shall keep records minutes of all meetings and present it to following meetings for a approval,
    4. shall prepare annual report of the activities of the NeST and present it to the AGM with president.
    5. shall be responsible for the registration of members.
    6. shall help to president in all matters as deemed by president and shall be responsible for the tasks delegated by the president.
  3. Treasurer:
    1. shall be responsible for all the financial transactions such as collecting membership dues and subscription of society events and send receipts as per EC decision.
    2. shall open a joint account with president at a reputable bank.
    3. shall keep the record of all financial reports and statements and present it  to EC and get certified from executive committee and present it and get approval in/from AGM.
    4. shall be responsible for the preparation of a statement of income and expenditure, assets, and liabilities, for each financial year, and the presentation and approval of the statements through AGM.
    5. shall help to president in all matters as deemed by president and shall be responsible for the tasks delegated by the president.

 Executive Members:

    1. shall be responsible to the EC to formulate plan, activities and to execute the decision, activities and program.
    2. shall help to president in all matters as deemed by president and shall be responsible for the tasks delegated by the president and EC.
    3. any EC members not attending for three regular meeting without prior notice to general secretary shall be automatically treated as a non EC member.


 i.        Annual general assembly (AGM) meeting shall be held at least once  in each year. All members of the society shall be invited for AGM

ii.      Extra ordinary and emergency general meeting (EGM) will be held at any time as deemed necessary by the EC.

iii.    At least more than half of the general members shall constitute a quorum both for AGM and Extra ordinary general meeting. If the quorum is not met, another meeting shall be called. No quorum is necessary to hold the meeting called second time.

iv.    All general members shall be informed for AGM at least one week and for EGM  at least 2 days before the meeting.

v.      At least one meeting of the executive committee shall be held in two months.

vi.    AGM/EGM shall have right to

a.       Elect executive committee.

b.      Review and pass the annual plan and reports.

c.       Review and approved of the financial reports.

d.      Decision of the membership and other special proposal forwarded by EC and generated within the by AGM.

e.       Dissolution and amendment of the society and constitution.

f.       Shall have right to create fund for welfare of the society formulate bylaws to conduct the fund.


 i.        Each of the general members shall have responsibility support the executive members and committee as deemed by the EC to execute the plan and program and activities of the society.

ii.      The regular term of EC will be valid for one year, starting after AGM to AGM.

iii.    The EC may impose any fee for organizational activity.

iv.    The EC will take decision by majority votes if required.

v.      The EC will make necessary arrangement as and when necessary to fill any vacant post.

vi.    At least one meeting of the executive committee shall be held in two months.

vii.  Any or all members of the EC can be warned or expelled from Executive post in case of violation of the constitution or failure to perform duties as referred or assigned by the AGM by AGM only with at least 2/3 of majority.


i.        Fees subscription and donation from the members.

ii.      All the members of the society shall pay a fixed non-refundable membership fee at first time and additionally a certain renewable amount annually. The membership fee shall be determined by Executive Committee Members.

iii.    The Executive committee shall determine and collect community program/function fees as required for each event separately.

iv.    Other financial resources shall be accumulated through contributions, donations, grants and other legitimate sources. All expenditures should be approved by EC and annual budget shall be approved by AGM.

v.      Any financial transactions shall be approved by either the president or by treasurer and all transactions shall be approved by EC.

vi.    The income and property of the society whensoever derived shall be used and applied solely in promotion of its objectives and in the exercise of its powers as set out herein and no portion thereof shall be distributed, paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividend, bonus or otherwise by way of profit to or amongst the members.


 Each Year at least one general assembly shall be called by EC. The Executive Committee members shall be elected for a period of one year by consensus or a secret ballot by the general members. The election shall be conducted by the election committee appointed by the outgoing executive committee. Any vacant position in the executive committee occurred due to resignation or any other reasons shall be filled by EC.


Any provision of this constitution can be amended in a general meeting with consensus of the AGM or EGM or two third majorities of the total AGM or EGM.


 In the case of Dissolution, all fixed and current assets shall be donated to the ‘fretex’ shop or to a charity organization to Nepal or within Norway. The decision of Dissolution shall be approved in a general meeting with two third majorities of the total general members of NeST.


All the provision shall be changed and presented in AGM / EGM as it is against the rule and regulation of Norway.

Proposed Draft for Guidelines for NeST Welfare  Fund (NWF)

 1. Introduction

 Nepalese Society in Trondheim (NeST) has established a Welfare Fund to help NeST members in the time of distress and emergencies during their stay in Trondheim. In 2008 the fund was created from the donation from the reserve surplus from the fund collected during the “Nepalese Cultural Evening-2008”. The fund shall be increased annually by collecting donation from individual members, professionals, institutions and support agencies.  The fund shall be deposited in suitable Bank in Trondheim and shall be handled by Executive committee of NeST.

 2.        Purpose of the Welfare fund

The welfare fund shall be utilised in welfare of members and the society in special and emergency situation. In normal condition the fund shall not be utilised. The special and emergency situation shall be categorised by the general assembly only but the fund shall be handled by Executive Committee with the framework set by general assembly. The special and emergency situation and events set by the AGM shall be

A.      Special Condition and Events.

a.       Seed Money for Bank Document

 NWF can be utilised as seed money for the family visa application to the student members for very short time not more than one week for each member if required. A small fee shall be taken to raise the more fund from the members who wish to utilise this fund.

b.      Advance expenditure for cultural programme

 If the funding support from the support institution is confirmed to give the support but if NeSt has no cash to spend for the various activities, NWF can be utilised with the condition that should be refunded (returned) to NWF.

 B.      Emergency Events

Without any ambiguity, the emergency events for the purpose of NWF are described as any eventuality or distress with the following characteristics. In case of such emergencies help may be given in the form of contribution or interest free loan.

a.       Death of any community member where next to kin is either not available or not financially capable of carrying out funeral and other death related services;

b.      Critical illness of any community member where next to kin is either not available or not financially capable of expenses for emergency needs of sick person;

c.       Serious accidents of any kind to any community member where next to kin is either not available or not financially capable of expenses for emergency needs of accident victims;

d.      Death of parents at home country and travel to the country is hindered by lack of funding for travelling.

 3.            Beneficiaries of the funding

The financial help will only be available to valid member who has paid the membership fees for the financial year and has not been denied membership of NeST on the ground as described in Article constitution on “Termination of Membership”.

4.            Ceiling of help from the Emergency Fund.

At the moment the Executive Committee is authorised to contribute maximum of 1000 NOK (One thousand NOK only) to any valid member who is in need of financial help due to emergencies and 5000 NOK (two thousands NOK only) in special event as described in section 2. Written application shall be needed for seed money. And EC shall take decision on either cases.

5.             Help to any non-member

 In case of emergency situations for any non-member nepali, NeST Executive Committee has authority to do something from the fund within the limit.

6          Fund collection.  

NeST EC shall raise the funding for the NWF through donation campaign, regular deposit from members within the community, institution, professional and other support institutions. The 20 percent of the money raised from member ship fees will be deposited to the NWF. NeST EC shall have authority to fix the membership fee excluding or including NWF portion but contribution from each members shall be made to NWF.

7.             Transparency

 All NeST Welfare Fund related decision and expenses must be put on NeST Annual General Assembly. The NeST Ec has authority to regulate the fund and treasurer will be responsible to make the NWF transaction transparent and accountable.

8.             Review of contribution and loan amount

 The 2/3 majority of the attendees of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) has power to review and change the ceiling of the contribution amount from the Emergency Fund. However, AGM should take in to consideration the balance of the Emergency Fund available at the time before passing a resolution.


Prepared by Kiran Kumar Shrestha

President NeST 2007-2008


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