Congratulation and Good luck Megh Dai !!!

Congratulation and Good luck Megh Dai !!!


Our respected senior member Dr. Megh Bahadur BK has completed his PhD from NTNU. On this happy moment NeST would like to express our heartful Congratulation and good luck in his future career! Also, he has done his Master in Hydropower Development from NTNU. He has completed his Bachelor in Civil Engineering from Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk Campus. He has vast experience in Hydropower construction and sediment handling in Himalayan rivers. He has completed his PhD in Online Sediment Monitoring and Optimisation of Plant efficiency.

Now, he is leaving Trondheim and preparing back to Nepal. NeST  always  remembers his contribution in the development of NEST upto here. Once our congratulation and wish you good luck megh Dai !!!

 Fecilitation to Meg Bdr. dai !!

Few memory and words to all members !

NeST’s Congratulation cake by wife Kamala to Megh dai!

A small NeST memory good luck wish to Megh dai!!


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