First General Assembly of NRNA Norway!!!

Decision of NRN meeting Oslo, May-19, 2008!!


NeST, Trondheim

First General Assembly of NRNA Norway has elected the NeST representatives on executive committee of NRNA-NCC Norway for two years as below.
1. Chudamani Lamichhane – First Vice President
2. Nayan Malla – Member 
It has also been decided from the general assembly that NeST President will be the one of the representative from student society to the NRNA -NCC Norway to connect the nepalese around the respective area to NRNA.
Thank you.
On Mon, May 5, 2008 at 6:54 PM, Nepal Society <> wrote:
Subject: NRNA-NCC Oslo Fisrt Annual General Assembly
Yes , we are planning to participate in the NRN meeting. So, this is for your information that from our society, Nayan Malla, Chudamani Lamichhane and Renuka Limbo Støle ( yet to confirm to be present at the meeting) will participate in the meeting. We hope the respective person will contact themselves to the planning committee for the participation and registration in time.
Best wishes for the succesful meeting.
With regards.
Kiran Kumar Shrestha
NeST President ( Trondheim)
Subject: NRNA-NCC Oslo Fisrt Annual General Assembly
Date: Mon, 5 May 2008 17:15:55 +0200Dear all,


This is reminder to all of you regarding NRNA-ICC Norway’s first annual general assembly to be held in Oslo on 18th May 2008. Please register for the program by sending email, sms or phone before 10th of May such that we can order dinner accordingly. We have decided to make registration fee of NOK 50 only to accompanying children age 6-18 and free for children below 6. Registration fee for adults will be NOK 100.
Attached herewith is the draft of the program and  draft constitution. Please come up with your comments and suggestions in the draft constitution. 
Please help us by forwarding this message to other nepalese around you who are not in this mailing list.
We look forward to see you in Oslo.
Sincerely yours
Kumar Pandit
Adhoc EC


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