Second Hand Shops @Trondheim

—-shop for furniture (møbler in Norwegian), kitchen utilities and so on

Add.: Nardov. 10, 7032 Trondheim
Tel: 73 93 69 19
Open: Monday through Saturday


Add: Heggstadmyra 2, 7080 Trondheim
Tel: 72 59 591
Open: Monday through Saturday

—- Find Second Hands Online
The page is in Norwegian, following word/expression maybe useful.

Part of the information from is also available in local newspaper: Adresseavisen

Also some second information is available on Byavisen. It is free.

Universitetsavisa publishes second hand information too. You can get Universitetsavisa for free in any key building of NTNU.

møbler furniture
data computer
bil automobile
jobb job

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