Nepalese Cultural Programme 2008!!

Dear Members!

The meeting held last Monday with all members, regarding the cultural programme has decided to organise a cultural evening at 29-March , 2008. And the programme will consist of cultural and folk dances, drama , documentary and a representative power point ( or others advanced type) presentation , exhibition of nepalese culture, fine art, lifestyes, landscape, architechtures, photo and serving nepalese foods to guests.

To make the program success, a main committee and other subcommittees have been formed to make the programme more participative,well organised and responsibilities more distributed. We hope all of us shall make our effort to grand success of the programme.

The details of the committee are as follows:

Nepali Cultural Evening-2008 With Exhibition

Date: 29 March, 2008

Program Component:

1. Nepal Exhibition: Architecture, Sculpture, lifestyles, Photographs, Landscape, major animals, Art and musical instruments

2. Food Festivals: Taste of food items for around 150 individuals

3. Cultural Evening: (Tentative)

a) National Anthem

b) Central Hill Folk Dance with readymade music – 1

c) Jhyaure Dance – 1

d) Jhijhiya dance with songs( either in mathali or bhojpuri)-1

e) Gurung Chudka Dance – 1

f) Drama – 1

g) Newari Dance– 1

h) Sherpa Dance / Tamang Selo – 1

j) Far-West Deuda song and Dance..

k) Holli songs visual(Either Nepali or maithali or bhojpuri)

l) Documentary (Showing Nepalese indigenous lifestyle and coping complex topography)

m) Others ….. ……

Target Group:

1. NTNU Professors, Teachers, Students/Researchers and other Professionals

2. Local inhabitnats of Trondheim and surroundings

3. Members of Nepal Support group

4. Students and other researchers from other parts of Europe

Organizational Set up Cultural Programme Main Committee:

1. Harishankar Shrestha- Coordinator

2. Kiran Kr. Shrestha

3. Pawan Bhattarai

4. Hari Neopane

5. Chudamani Lamichhane

6. Sanjaya Karna

7. Kumar Bajracharya

8. Bimal Pokharel

9. Ram Narayan Yadav

10. Subarna Shrestha

11. Selina Thapa

12. Kabita Thapa

13. Renuka Limbu

14. Kamala Hemchuri

15. Radhika Neopane

16. Surya Bdr. Kathayat

17. Nayan Malla

***Existing NEST executive commitee will work as secreteriat.


l Inter-Agency Coordination, Publicity and Courtesy:

Cordinate with international office, kommune, ticket printing and selling, guest invtitation and receive, hall booking, coordinate with nepalese agencies for necessary support

1. Bimal Pokharel – Coordinator

2. Pawan Bhattarai

3. Hari Neopane

4. Umesh Thapa

5. Kamala Hemchuri

6. Suresh Gupta

7. Ram Narayan Yadav

l Food Management Committee:

Finalize food items, shopping plan, cooking and cooking stuff, food serving.

1. Kabita Thapa – Coordinator

2. Radhika Neopane

3. Ranjana Gupta

4. Hari Kishor Shah

5. Tara Nath Subedi

6. Indu Karna

7. Prativa Bajracharya

8. Binod Bhandari

9. Renuka Limbu

l Audio-Visual and System Control Committee

Photography, videography, sound system control, computer animation, translation, documentary finalization, coordination with cultural items preparation committee, preparation of presentation of cultures, documentary and drama or other types with coordinating with cultural and hall management sub-committee.

1. Surya Kathayat – Coordinator

2. Chudamani Lamichhane

3. Subarna Shrestha

4. Prajwalan Karanjit

5. Taranath Subedi

l Transportation, Exhibition and Hall Management Committee:

Transportation management of family members and food items to hall, information of venue to the participants, hall setting for cultural show, exhibition and food lots, listing of exhibition materials.

1. Sanjaya Karna-Coordinator

2. Kumar Bajracharya

3. Renuka Limbu

4. Umesh Thapa

5. Binod Bhandari

6. Pranita Shrestha

7. Ganga Prasad Yadav

8. Nayan Malla ( specially for exhibition)

l Cultural Items Preparation Committee:

Finalize the cultural items in coordination with program organizing committee and NEST, Reharshal, Dress management, Drama

1. Selina Thapa – Coordinator

2. Chandra Bajracharya

3. Netra Timalsina

4. Subarna Shrestha

5. Pratigya Pradhan

6. Kuber Lama

7. Renuka Limbu

8. Shiva Man Tamang

9. Ganga Prasad Yadav

The coordinator of each subcommittee shall be responsible for coordinating and managing all activities related to the respective sub- committee.

With best regards.

NEST/ Programme Organising Committee



3 Responses

  1. Hei!

    Vet dere om det er noen nepalske restauranter i Norge?


  2. Hei!

    Vet dere om det er noen nepalske restauranter i Norge?


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