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  1. Hi,
    This is Rupak Shahisamuda from Vienna the capital of Austria.I am living here since 8 years with my family, 2 kids and my wife.I came here from Kathmandu to study classical music and I did Graduation from Mozarteum music University Salzburg.
    I am in Vienna working for several orchestras and doing also private solo concerts.I play violin and play different classical music from Mozart, Bach, Beethoven and etc.I visit you website frequently.I have read there will be going to be make cultural programme in the city.I usually go different countries to give concerts for Nepales and original people of the country like England, German, Belgium Italy.My motto is to promot world finest music in nepalese people and introduce them that one Nepalese person can also practice this profession.Basicaly childrens and most important cercle for giving such a son he also plays different instruments and made many time concerts and held the prizes in vienna.Just like my daughter too.
    My wish is to do concerts also in the scandinavis countries.If you have such a programme please conferm me, which would be nice cooperation.

    with best regards and hearing forward soon

    Rupak Kumar Shahisamuda

    Rupak Kumar Shahisamuda
    Western classical Violinist and Composer
    ( also Nepales & Indian)

    Postal Address:
    Rankgasse 2/24
    A-1160 Vienna
    My Mobile No:0043 650 98 055 19

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