Notice for the Meeting-Cultural Programme!!!

Dear all !!
We have been organising many parties during the years and that are only limited for our own. We have enjoyed a lot and now, it is the time to think to boarden our horizon from where we can see others and show ourselves to others.The cultural programme may be the good way to represent to show our nation about our society, culture, and tradition. And we think NEST has to do the programme each year as far as possible however it is a great challenge to do by our small society with aroud 40 members. For that purpose it needs a extensive discussion and a joint common collective effort.
So, we are going to organise the mass meeting and we would like to request all the members including family to participate in the discussion regarding the cultural programe ( we hope all of us shall feel the compulsary necessity about our presence).
Time : 5:30 and onwards (We hope all of us shall be in time )
Venue: ICOT Basement MA-16
Date: 11-February (Monday), 2008 ( Sorry for the inconvinience, we got problem in arranging the basement in our convinient time in earlier days.)

With best regards.
Kiran K. Shrestha
NEST EC (07-08)


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