New Year’s Eve Dance Performance

Dear all,

Here are some dance numbers those performed by the Nepalese Society in Trondheim, Norway on New Year’s Eve organised by International Club of Trondheim(ICOT).

Machhi marana hai ……

performed by Preeti, Selina, Subarna & Netra


Nakkali lai bhagai lagyo jhilke le……

performed by Shiva Tamang

Jindagani Darpan chhaya……

performed by Abha & Ashmita

Fire Cracking at the begining of New Year


3 Responses

  1. You can try google vedio instead uploading on youtube. Google vedio has larger size limit.

    Or you can use softwares to compress the vedio…that will eventually degrade the quality of vedio.


  2. You can upload the videos from the same you tube site you can see the option for greater than the normal size 100 MB in the right side of the same page. You can see there and follow ……I have already uploaded greater than 100 MB..

  3. to be exact, On upload page (Youtube) on right you can see “Upload files larger than 100MB or upload many files at once!” “Use multivideo uploader”. If you are doing first time, you are asked to download n install youtube installer. After that you can do upload 10 min upto 1 GB video from the multivideo uploader site.

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