तीहार कसरी मनाउने ……

Come on…drop ur ideas.

Lets enjoy bhailini song (By Pawan)


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  1. dasain ramrai bhayo.
    maulikta ra paramparalai kayam rakhadai needharma rato tika lagayo.nirtay ma maulikta nadekhe pani rato tikale matra nepali ra dasainko mannay ta dekhiyo. tiharma pani yastai nirtay aajha utayjit khalko bhaya ramro hune chha. kina ki tiharko ta paramrara deudi geet bhaili geet chha kina gaune??? ryaap ma gyaap bhayara disco nai thikchhai mitra

  2. Dear Friends,
    This is excellent creation. When i was searching about Dashain in Norway, i found this web page. Interesting informations and discussion forum.
    Thanks to those all who have spent their valuable time in creation and updating this page.

    Hope to see more events in Trondheim.

    Best of Luck

    Kamal Prasad Acharya
    Fantoft Studentboligene 14
    5075, Bergen

  3. Dear Admin/all,
    It would have been better if you have informed about this creation such that i can change yours link which i have in my blog page from Bergen. But, never mind after i found this i change link there also.

    All the Best
    Kamal Prasad Acharya

  4. osoncross..hehehe..that was pretty funny comment…well i dont think there is such a big deal doing the “rap maa Gap” but i also do agree on that we also have to have a typical songs from that festival or some classics from nepal 🙂 and also some dance on bhailini songs…..HEY why dont the kids do some dancing for the program…it wud be too sweet…..just a suggestion…..!!! i believe the kids wud be more than thrilled to perform…
    jai nepal!!!!

  5. Hello Kama Ji,
    Link to the Nepalese @Bergen Page is here in the BLOG ROLL.

    Check it out.

    Also, if you put the link of this blog to your side, it wud be nice. 🙂

    Have good day.

    Also, if you have time dont miss to watch out the Photos at



  6. Hello surya
    video kasari embed garne ho..to see directly not through website

  7. Hi Pawan Bro,

    You can embed your YouTube or Google Video URLs directly. That means first you have to upload your vedios either in youtube or in google vedio or other similar sites and then embed them in our BLOG.

    * Example – YouTube embed instructions

    * Example – Google vedio embed instructions

    Good Luck !!

  8. hello surya,
    i know the embedment , but pasting in the reply box is not displayed..that’s my confusion..like you did now for bhailini song..

    thanks for information

  9. now i think i got

  10. Hello Sathi haru!!!

    If you have new idea about celebrating the Tihar you can drop in the blog.

    Have you any program that can be done within our limits??? Please suggest ………be quick….


  11. FOR TIHAR….!!

    1. Laxmi Pooja…NOK !!!
    2. 21 -Patti @50øre per point
    3. Jhandi Burja (jhari pari sabai hanne…!!)
    4. Selroti, Chicken & Achar (twakka..!!)
    5. Halka…3.8%…!! Drinks !! (for item No.6 )
    6. Dance

    Pugchha keee…..!!!

  12. La saathi haru..bhailo ta rakhi sakya thiye….la aba deusi ko maja garau…
    hamro coming programme pani deusi kai din ma chha
    lets enjoy

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